Wise Women & Wealth Program™

“As a mother, wife and female business leader, I struggle with all the same issues you do. The challenge is to combine all our strengths to design the life you want to life. After working with me to develop your plan, you will be knowledgeable and confident in the financial decisions you have made. A constant review and tweak of your plan will keep it up to date and relevant. As a smart women, you will have the confidence to make financial decisions with less stress and worry.”

Most of Debbie’s clients in her Wise Women & Wealth Program™, are intelligent and independent women, who have recently become responsible for managing their money on their own. While they are very bright women, they often lack the knowledge and confidence they need to make smart financial decisions.

Wise Women and Wealth Program

What’s interesting is that it doesn’t seem to matter how these women became single, they usually come with the same concerns:

1. Will I have to live on a budget?
2. Can you assure me I will never be a bag lady?
3. Will my money last me my entire life?

Debbie uses her Wise Women & Wealth Program™ to develop and provide solutions to these problems.

1. She works with clients to build a Personal Income Plan
1. She works with clients to develop Safe Money Strategy
3. She designs and conducts Wise Women & Wealth Events