Divorce Resolution Planning Group

What do we do?

divorce isn't easy but it can be fair book We help clients understand the confusing financial implications that divorce brings. It does not have to be devastating; it needs to be understood. By working with a team of lawyers and other support people, you can manage your way out of an overwhelmingly difficult time.

Establish what is right for you. Don’t leave it to guess or chance. (A friend might have a suggestion, but remember, her situation is completely different – we have seen it all).

We help you establish the best method of managing your situation and pair you with lawyers that are trained to work in either Alternative Dispute Resolution, or Litigation. This means you will not have to change your support team because you have picked someone who does not see things the same way you do. This saves you time and money.

How it works

Initial free telephone consult with Debbe Hartzman, CFP.CLU.CDFA.TEP.

If we’re able to help and add value to the process, we will provide you with a financial checklist to help you get all of your documents in the proper order. (The more you do, the less the process will cost).

In our first meeting, we will complete a questionnaire to determine your personal financial position, along with your needs and desires. We will establish the method of settlement that will best suit your personal situation, and provide a list of professionals that you can interview and add to your support team.

We will work to guide you through every step of the process to make it understandable and manageable.
We provide the following:
– Client care – support with any decision you have to make
– Financial wisdom – you may not have had to deal with these issues in the past